The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has stated it would fund the expansion of a wastewater treatment plant in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Luxor, Invest-Gate reports.

The Luxor plant aims to double the capacity of the existing facility and provide wastewater treatment to residents of Luxor and Al-Bayadeyah in the southern governorate of Assiut.

A ceremony was held on March 6 to celebrate the announcement of the new expansion. US Ambassador Stephen Beecroft and Luxor Governor Mohamed Badr were in attendance.

“Effective treatment of wastewater is essential to protect public health and ensure a clean environment,” Beecroft said.  “The expansion of this treatment plant helps those who depend on the Nile for clean water and supports the health and livelihood of the people of Egypt,” he added.

The project is carried out by the USAID in partnership with the Luxor Potable Water and Sanitation Company, with the aim of accommodating projected population growth for the upcoming two decades.