Vantage Developments finalizes 60% of New Cairo’s Century City with investments worth EGP 1.25 bn, and delivery begins in 2023, Invest-Gate reports.

The announcement comes as the company unveils an integrated expansion plan for 2021, featuring the completion of under-construction works at New Cairo’s Century City together with launching a housing project at Sheikh Zayed City.

Chairman of Vantage Developments and member of Egyptian Businessmen Association Mohamed Abd El-Gawaad, says the company managed to sell up to 60% of the entire Century City’s residential units since late 2019.

He explains, “Booking these whopping sales was close to hand, at odds with coronavirus-induced headwinds which curtailed both demand and sales in the real estate market, mirroring the project’s high-profile standing and its catering to needs of clients targeted by the company.”

The company strives to achieve as high construction rates as possible this year, as is set to hand over the residential units as of 2023, he adds.

Residential units at Century City are fully finished with the highest specifications and materials, as the company provides 10-year installment schemes starting off at EGP 10,000 per month.

Century City is spread over 12.5 acres at the Southern 90th neighborhood, specifically at the Golden Square in the Fifth Settlement, making it easily accessible from all new road corridors.

The project’s built-up space is less than 25% out of its total area, and it comprises housing buildings sub-divided into 7 clusters, securing green spaces and landscapes for each building.

Also, the project has a 24-hour spa, large green spaces, lanes for exercising running sport, a lake, a swimming pool, restaurants, and commercial services.

The buildings are made up of a ground floor and five levels, as the residential units have spaces ranging from 98 to 285m, Abd El-Gawaad elaborates.

The project features the innovative and eye-catching designs of Art Deco style originated in the 1920’s, which mixes modern with classic patterns, pleasing all tastes. Abd El-Gawaad states, “Demand for properties remains robust and the market can absorb all supply.”