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Invest-Gate Research & Analysis 

 INVEST-GATE is broadening its multi-platform information services to cater to the expanding real estate industry and its needs by acquiring a Market Research & Analysis Department that is responsible for gathering real market data to build up a comprehensive database that will be regularly updated to produce up-to date market sensors. The department will be responsible for the following products and services:

  • Market Reports
  • Customized market reports
  • Customized newsletter
  • Business Directory

Market Reports

Invest-Gate Research & Analysis publishes in-depth comprehensive market reports, providing full coverage of the real estate market trends, utilizing an inclusive in-house repository built up, and using real market data that is collected by the Research & Analysis team. Quarterly market research reports are constructed with a specific focus each time based on the market dynamic behavior and the current market status. The reports will comprise current market needs, trends, investment size, value, and competition (public and private sectors), consumer behavior, and innovative techniques across this sector in all of Egypt. Each report will act as an indicator of the current market situation and a guideline for investors.

Customized Services 

Customized Market Reports:

Carrying out customized market reports and providing data information services to real estate investors based upon their requests. Customized reports may provide a detailed coverage on a certain requested by investors such as; a certain area, market trends, certain target market segment or a general market behavior

Customized Newsletter:

Issuing research analysis on regular basis, investigating the performance of the industry, its dynamics, and all its sectors that include residential and commercial. It is a customized market indicator report that will be delivered to clients on regular basis as per their requests

Business Directory: 

The research and analysis team will be working on a massive repository that is inclusive of all the market players in the real estate market



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