Real Estate Development Chamber Announces Achievements in 2022

Shoukry lists a series of successes achieved by the chamber over the year including the cabinet’s approval of extending project implementation for developers for 6 months.

Egypt’s Annual Inflation Headline Declines : Statement

Egypt’s annual inflation headline declines to its lowest since October reaching 5.4 % in December, down from 5.7% in November, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) announced on Januar ...

Egyptian Expats’ Remittances Rise 19.6% From July to September: CBE

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has uncovered that remittances sent home by Egyptian expats inched up by 19.6% YoY, or USD 1.3 bn (EGP 20.4 bn), during the first quarter of FY 2020/21.

WB Sees Egypt Region’s Top Remittance Recipient in 2020

The World Bank (WB) foresees Egypt to become the top recipient of remittances at a value of USD 24.4 bn (EGP 382.2 bn) across the MENA region in 2020.

Tanta Logistics Zone Attracts EGP 6 bn Investments

Tanta logistics zone is being developed with investments worth EGP 6 bn, which is the largest of its kind for spreading over 83 acres and serving 42 mn people, thanks to its location in the middle of the Nile Delt ...

Egypt Builds EGP 49 bn Commercial, Logistics Zones in 11 Provinces

Egypt has set up 18 commercial and logistics projects in 11 governorates, at a total cost of almost EGP 49 bn.

Egypt Kicks Off FY 2020/21 with Largest-Ever State Budget

Egypt's Ministry of Finance kicked off the FY 2020/21 state budget on July 1, estimated at EGP 2.2 trn, marking the largest in the country's history.

Moody’s Keeps Egypt’s Credit Rating At B2

The credit profile of Egypt rating at B2 is supported by A3 economic strength according to Moody’s report, as reported by Ahram Online.

Egypt Targets Budget Deficit Decline to 6.3%: Minister

The Egyptian Finance Ministry expected budget deficit to shrink to 6.3% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) in FY 2020/21, compared to the 7.2% target in the current budget

Egypt’s GDP Reaches Highest Level Since 11 Yrs

Egypt’s gross domestic product (GDP) leaped by 5.6% in Q1 2019, registering the highest rate in 11 years, despite the slowdown in global economic growth, which reached 3.8% last year.

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